Notes to self, little things that make me happy, sentiments, dramas, and unspoken thoughts are the kinds of things I am sharing here — anything really personal.

Hi! Call me Erma. I am from Leyte, now residing in Cebu in the Philippines and I was born sometime in the 90’s.

Writing, reading blogs and novels, watching YouTube videos and movies, foods, photography and little wanders are some of my interests.

I describe myself as plain, and probably a boring person to hang out with, but I’m pretty sure we can get along well. *grins*

I also blog at A Blog or Two . I blog mostly about the foods I try and the places I visit, and also about other things I believe can help my readers, like about ESL (English as a Second Language) which I’ve been teaching for 2 years now.

I basically started blogging there, sharing personal things however, times have changed and I came to realize I must separate my “very personal blog posts” hence this blog.

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