Life Update.

Instead of roaming around the business parks of Cebu to look for a job, I decided to just stay home today (well, not literally as I’m at the internet cafe now). Someone’s at a crossroads again. I seriously don’t know which path I should take now although I’m quite sure of the result I’d like to get. I’d like to do something that would pay me enough that I won’t only be able to support my 2 younger siblings who are in college now but also support my needs which include my wants. But I certainly wouldn’t go back to teaching ESL again office-based as I’ve been there. I already told myself I wouldn’t go back there until I’ve proven I really can’t make it in the BPO industry and unless the company I’d be working for pays quite well.

So I was at the telemarketing job for 6 weeks. The first 2 weeks was for the classroom training while the remaining 4 weeks, I spent it dialing, calling prospects, talking to people I never thought I’d ever get to talk with. They’re just not only the busy kind of people but also those kind who are company decision makers. Why only 6 weeks? Well, it was because my best wasn’t enough otherwise, I’d still have been there. Generating leads is no easy job. You don’t just read scripts. You don’t just call your prospects at the times they maybe available. You approach them in a way that you wouldn’t sound like you’re directly selling because/ when you are not. You make yourself sound like you’re worth listening and their time. But you can also have the best script, and the right approach yet it’s not a guarantee that every person you’ll speak to will be a lead. Aside from the fact that they can hung up on you, can claim that they’re really not interested, you also can do nothing about the no answer calls and voicemails plus with the gatekeepers who can anytime choose to not connect you.

Actually, the only reason I lost the job, I got terminated for the first time, was because I wasn’t able to hit the target number of leads and I’m just so regretful I wish I had done better. But it has happened already and I can just learn from it. Good thing I was able to save enough money for my 2 younger siblings allowances. Their classes won’t start until next month and they already have funds for the first 2 months hence I don’t really have to push hard myself this time. I really just don’t want to get a job just to have a job. I don’t care if it’s really challenging and a night shift one as long as I won’t have a financial problem despite having a job like before. To be honest, I’d like to get a telemarketing job again as I can expand my earnings depending on the work I put into. I also wish to improve my sales skills as I dream to have my own business someday. Ambisyosya! 😀 I initially wanted to be a customer service representative but I heard this job uses a lot of tools which is somehow intimidating to me cause I’m quite not a fast typer and it doesn’t pay as much as the former. The problem now is there aren’t many telemarketing job vacancies so I might have to wait for a while again which worries me because I really don’t want to be vacant. Perhaps I can get a part-time job but I might have a problem with the schedule as some companies have their hiring process at night. I really don’t know!!! 😦

Anyway, I’m gonna see what I can do. My birthday is in 5 days and my goal now is to get hired before then, but if I don’t, then it’d be okay. Every time I’m confused, though, I ask myself and God if it’s really that bad that I’m aiming for a high paying salary but I also realize I’m not doing this only for myself so I should be good. I might have to go through some rejections but as long as I don’t quit, there’d always be a chance that I’ll find something. Just gotta believe.


2 Replies to “Life Update.”

  1. I managed to stay in a sales job for only 1 week! I realized that my skill sets were not really meant for sales. I also felt bad to let go of that high paying job, but I treated it as a re-direction to something better. With God’s wisdom backing you up, you can never go wrong. After two months, I got another job that pays well and I enjoy doing for almost three years now.

    Like I said in my previous comment, always take the higher path. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve just for the sake of keeping up. It takes a bold decision to ask God to bless you with not just enough, but a double portion so you can also share the blessings to others, in this case, your family. There’s nothing wrong about it.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience. Yeah as I notice sales jobs aren’t easy but they pay well that’s why I’d like to do it again. My first experience was actually great and fun that I wouldn’t usually take my breaks. And I really just have people to support though yes I also would love to explore other opportunities and acquire more growth, learn new skills. To be honest I’d always been scared to speak with native English speakers over the phone and I always wanted to get over that. During my first dial day, I was so nervous and my hands were shaking but overtime it just became normal. I believe this thing won’t only help me now but also in my later life when it comes to chasing opportunities.

      I’m glad you enjoy what you’re doing. I hope I can find something that I can also enjoy. 2 months in your case? Perhaps I should ready myself. Hehe. Anyway, thank you again as always for sharing your thoughts. May God bless you more po. ☺

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