What is this new blog for?

So I’ve read a post today which somehow hit me and made me feel bad about creating this new blog and transferring here most of my blog posts which earned a number of likes, comments and views, from my primary blog named A Blog or Two, just because I thought it makes sense, it’s right. I went to work bothered and even now while I’m writing this, I’m still bothered. Last night, I was just over the moon ’cause finally I did what I’d been planning to, but then just when I thought everything was okay, I suddenly just felt like I owe some people an explanation. So I guess, it is it.

When I started blogging, I only wanted to write about my thoughts on things, and share my experiences. I solely wanted to have my own website to express myself, however, as time went by, my knowledge on blogging broadened, so from “The Optimistic Weird and All” which the blog used to go by, I changed it to its current name “A Blog or Two” that comes from the phrase “a thing or two” which refers to information that can be useful. I didn’t want to only post personal related stuff but also write my thoughts on some other things.

I couldn’t think of any better name then that suits the kinds of things I want to blog about so I stuck with it and even upgraded so I could finally shorten it to dot-com as most bloggers would do. But then two months after the upgrade, I started getting bothered about my domain. I realized that most of my posts are personal and if I have posts that would actually justify my site title, they’re very few. So basically, it’s how the idea of creating a new blog with a suitable title came up. And nope, it wasn’t easy. It was not because it means starting over again, hassle in transferring files, losing the views, likes, and comments, losing the memories imprinted by each of those posts. Reading them on a different site won’t be the same. I am actually feeling bad about it now. I wish I could just keep the posts in the same site but with different address and then keep the hosted domain. I don’t know. I kind of regret what I did yet at the same time, I’d like to be more organized. I want to put all personal related post in one site while my reviews go on another and now I could actually start doing it. But a part of me really just feels bad. 😣

Anyway, I shall move on and take responsibility for my actions as always, so I’m going to stick with it. Despite feeling bad, I’m happy that from now on, I can finally write about whatever I want. And oh about the “going business thing”, yeah it’s true that I’d like to write more reviews and my little travels but I didn’t create this new blog chiefly for that reason. There are so many things I want to write about but each time I try to start, I get discouraged by the fact that my site title doesn’t suit them. So now that I finally have a title that suits better, I’m going to try to maximize everything, and since I’m keeping the other domain, I might as well write more useful blog posts like reviews and probably make money from it. I’m not really sure. We’ll see.

For those who may think it’s easy for me to let go of things, I can’t blame you for thinking so, but just so you know, it’s not easy for me especially when it comes to the things I put so much of my time and myself into.

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